I'm Olly Offord, and I'm all over London like a rash this Olympics  

Olympic Habits:

Over the past 10 days there have been some changes to the social habits of the Brits. The pub you drink in has to have a sports screen, weekend picnics in quiet spots has turned into crowding in front of a big screen. Family dinners across the country are no allowed to be on the sofa with the TV turned up loud. And mates can go for a Friday night drink to the Olympic Volleyball.

So with a few drinks before hand, four boys went to shout on USA vs Serbia and Italy vs Algeria in the women’s preliminary rounds at Earls Court - not a standard night out. The atmosphere was noisy with music being blared between every point and time outs being filled with ‘Bongo Cam’ and mexican waves.

A casual, but enjoyable approach to high performance sport.

uswntvideos: Man alive! The Americans certainly know how to make a blockbuster. This NBC Olympic Trailer is an epic!