Map of Olympic London

Your guide to what’s going on in and around London during the London 2012 Olympic Games

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Sports Venue - where all the live sport action will be taking place. Tickets required. 

 Competition Route - where some events will break out along the streets of London offering a view of Olympic competitions for free! (includes marathon, road cycling and triathlon)

Big Screen - areas around London set up for the public to enjoy the Olympic coverage. Screens will be showing live sport throughout the day. An atmosphere is likely to build around these areas, so get your picnics ready!

National House - over the course of the Olympic Games many National Olympic Committees are establishing places to showcase their countries. Some are private affairs being used to swoon the rich and powerful, but the fun ones involve some of London’s best known landmarks being taken over and being opened to the public with cultural events, music, food and a different nations perspective on the Olympic sports. Definitely worth exploring.

Corporate House - similar to the National Houses but with a corporate edge. All are likely to involve an explosion of marketing material, but could provide some good features.