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One guys exploration of the Olympic city

The great, thundering Olympic Games are heading to London for the summer of 2012. 

So this blog is set to explore London as a city when the Olympic circus comes to town, experiencing the change in air when the greatest show on earth and the eyes of the world arrive in the capital. I’m not an accredited journalist, a member of the IOC or a rich sponsor of the Games, so this blog will be exploring how the normal people of Britain experience the greatest show on earth.

I’ll be running round London like a headless chicken trying to take it all in. Finding the best places to watch. Seeking out the best atmosphere & biggest vibe and trying to find out where the Olympics are having an impact on our great city.

I’ll be putting everything I do here and on my twitter account.



I am always on the look out for help and contributions to the blog. So if you have skills in web design, filming, writing, presenting or have some really great ideas, I would love for you to get in contact.

Contact, ask questions, get involved by emailing me: ollympics@gmail.com

Twitter: @ollympics

YouTube channel with all the videos I’ve made around the Olympics: Olly-mpics


Find out more about me: ollyofford.com


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